Alchemist-Crafted_Potions, 炼金术师产品 -药剂

Alchemists create drinks or drafts called potions that have medicinal or magical powers. Within each crafting tier, there are 4 basic types of crafted potions: Reprieves, Remedies, Elixirs, and Essences. Each usually comes in two qualities, 'Handcrafted' (using common materials) and 'Mastercrafted' (rare), but not all tiers have both kinds available for each and every potion. A few potions are available only in rare form and some only at a specific tier. The higher the tier, the more potions are available.

炼金术师可以制作这些能够喝掉,或者使用的药剂。让你获得医疗或者魔法能力。每个级别的产品有4个基本类型,每个类型还有2种品质。也不是所有的级别都相同。品质分成用普通材料制作的 Handcrafted 和用稀有材料制作的Mastercrafted 。类型如下:

  • Elixirs are potions that temporarily increase your abilities by a set amount for a set period of time. For example, an Elixir of Transcendence increases your maximum power for a set period of time. You have access to that maximum amount of power until that time runs out. Using elixirs, you can increase your maximum power and health; your intelligence, wisdom, strength, and agility; your ability to produce criticial melee and ranged hits; your ability to cause magical damage over time; and your ability to perform a critical heal and cause critical damage.
  • Remedies are potions that dispel damage that has already started its effects on you. In addition to the influences against which you can ward, remedies allow you to dispel damage from crushing, slashing, and piercing.
  • Essences are potions that temporarily increase power and health abilities by a set amount until they are used up. For example, an Essence of Power gives you a set amount of power to use up. Once that amount is gone, you have to consume more to get more power back.
  • Reprieves are potions that temporarily keep damage from happening in the first place. You can use reprieves to ward against disease, poison, heat, cold, magic, mental, and divine influences. You can also ward against root, fear, stifle, and stun effects using special Freedom of Action and Freedom of Mind potions.
  • Elixir: 神油,大力丸...直接增加属性的。加血量,加魔量,加CC的都有。
  • Remedy:治疗剂,应该不算治疗,也就是相当于魔法CURE,解除你的状态的。
  • Essence:精华剂,这个的效果才是治疗,回血回蓝,WARD不知道神马概念,吃了免疫吸收某类型伤害,不实用。
  • Reprieve: 舒缓剂,这个可以买一些尝试一下。10秒钟内免疫各种恐惧,定身,窒息,眩晕。关键时候可能有用,不过15分钟的CD.....

The following table provides a summary of the general types of potions available.

Crafted Potions
外观 Type Name Craft Tier Description
Elixir of Constitution 3-7 +max health  增加最大生命值
Elixir of Thorns 7-8 damage shield 伤害盾
Elixir of Transcendence 3-7 +max power 增加最大魔法值
Elixir of Deftness 5-7 +AGI  增加敏捷,斥候属性
Elixir of Fortitude 5-7 +STR  增加力量,战士属性
Elixir of Piety 5-7 +WIS 增加智慧,牧师属性
Elixir of Intellect 5-7 +INT 增加智力,法师属性
Special Effect
Elixir of Second Sight 7-8 (rare only) increase heal crit and damage spell crit chance (4% chance) 增加治疗和魔法攻击暴击率
Elixir of Tactics 7-8 (rare only) increase melee and ranged crit chance (4% chance) 增加肉搏和远程暴击率
Arcane Remedy 1-7 cure arcane 解除神秘术状态
Noxious Remedy 1-7 cure poison/disease 解除中毒疾病状态
Trauma Remedy 2-7 cure trauma (crushing, piercing, slashing) 解除创伤,包扎伤口。消除碎骨,穿刺,挥砍的持续伤害
Elemental Remedy 1-7 cure elemental 解除元素伤害状态
Essence of Health 2-7 instant heal 直接治疗
Essence of Power 2-7 instant power 直接恢复魔法
Essence of Regeneration 3-7 heal over time  延时治疗,持续治疗
Essence of Clarity 3-7 power over time 延迟回复魔法
Elemental Reprieve 6-7 cold/heat ward 冰/火 魔法吸收盾
Noxious Reprieve 6-7 poison/disease ward  中毒/疾病魔法吸收盾
Arcane Reprieve 6-7 magic/mental/divine ward 魔法/心灵/神圣 吸收盾
Freedom of Action 4, 7 10-second immunity to fear and root  10秒钟免疫恐惧和定身
Freedom of Mind 4, 7 10-second immunity to stifle and stun 10秒钟免疫窒息和眩晕