Signature Quests were first introduced in the Kingdom of Sky expansion, and commonly involve a series of quests ultimately rewarding a Fabled item. Many of the intermediate steps may also reward very fine items.



Non-Series Signature Quests  没有系列的签名任务,单个的签名编辑编辑

Signature Series Quests 系列签名,基本每个资料片都有主线,奖励不错编辑编辑

The level of the quest which yields the reward(s) is included with the timeline's expansion information.

Eitholi, Blade of the Fae编辑编辑

Level 30 - from Echoes of Faydwer

  1. The Wind That Speaks Her Name
  2. A Voice of Another Kind
  3. The Blade Within The Keep
  4. More Than Just a Tree
    Reward: Eitholi, Blade of the Fae

The Stormhammer编辑编辑

Level 35 - from Echoes of Faydwer

  1. The Hammer of Below collection
  2. The Stormhammer
  1. Reward: The Stormhammer

The Ivy-Shrouded Orb of Tunare编辑编辑

Level 70 - from Echoes of Faydwer

  1. Corruption in the Faydark
  2. Making It Manifest
  3. Acquiring the Second Fragment
  4. A Champion of the Koada'Dal
  5. An Evening Jaunt
  6. Tracking Down the Necromancer
  7. The Hidden Crystal
  8. A Small Testament
  9. A Predestined Fate
    Reward: an Ivy-Shrouded jewelry piece

Flowing Cape of the Dark Lord编辑编辑

Level 70 (Epic) - from Echoes of Faydwer

  1. Finding the Author
  2. Lupine Elimination
  3. Interception
  4. Mushroom Eating Gnomes Have All The Fun
  5. Digging Up The Evidence
  6. The Flowing Cape of the Dark Lord
    Reward: Flowing Cape of the Dark Lord

Artisan Epic编辑编辑

Level 80 - from Rise of Kunark

  1. Sarnak Supply Stocking
  2. Bixie Distraction
  3. Anything for Jumjum
  4. One of the following quests based on your tradeskill:
  5. The Proof of the Pudding
    Reward: Earring of the Solstice and an artisan-class specific Cloak

A Gathering Obsession编辑编辑

Level 75 - from The Shadow Odyssey

  1. A Gathering Obsession
  2. A Gathering Obsession, Part II
  3. A Gathering Obsession, Part III
  4. A Gathering Obsession, Part IV
  5. A Gathering Obsession, Part V
  6. A Gathering Obsession, Part VI
  7. A Gathering Obsession, Part VII
  8. A Gathering Obsession, Part VIII
  9. A Gathering Obsession, Final Errand
    Reward: Cloak of the Harvester

The Shadow Odyssey编辑编辑

Level 80 - from The Shadow Odyssey

  1. The Shadow Odyssey, Prologue: A Missive from the Queen for good players, The Shadow Odyssey, Prologue: The Overlord's Commandfor evil ones.
  2. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 1: Come Sail Away
  3. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 2: The Gods Must Be Crazy
  4. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 3: Veilbreaker Down
  5. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 4: History Repeating
  6. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 5: Breaking the Chains
  7. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 6: The Guns of Brokenskull
  8. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 7: The Drums of War
  9. The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 8: Aloha, Ethernauts
    Reward: Equipment of the Ethernauts

The Footsteps of Dartain编辑编辑

Level 85 - from Sentinel's Fate

  1. The Footsteps of Dartain: Emergence
  2. The Footsteps of Dartain: Observation
  3. The Footsteps of Dartain: Discovery
  4. The Footsteps of Dartain: Awakening
  5. The Footsteps of Dartain: Experimentation
  6. The Footsteps of Dartain: Enlightenment
  7. The Footsteps of Dartain: Preparation
  8. The Footsteps of Dartain: Ascension
    Reward: a Signet of your choice

Seeking Lucan编辑编辑

Level 90 (Epic) - from Sentinel's Fate

  1. In Search of Lucan
  2. Whispers from the Past
  3. Confronting the Godslayer
    Reward: your choice of various Charms

Sentinel's Fate Raid Progression Timeline编辑编辑

Level 98 (Epic) - from Sentinel's Fate

  1. Tending to Toxxicology
  2. Envoy Incursion
  3. Subordination Insubordination
    Reward: your choice of Fabled Shoulders

The Fallen Swords Timeline编辑编辑

Level 95 (Heroic) - from Destiny of Velious

  1. The Fallen Swords: Mystery in the Shadows
  2. The Fallen Swords: Sins of the Past
  3. The Fallen Swords: Reasons and Rime
  4. The Fallen Swords: Here, There Be Giants
  5. The Fallen Swords: From the Edge
  6. The Fallen Swords: All Roads Lead To...
  7. The War of Skyshrine: Keeping Enemies Close
  8. Unexpected Consequences

Shades of Drinal Timeline编辑编辑

(access to Chains of Eternity instances)

  1. Shades of Drinal: The Shores of Everafter
  2. Shades of Drinal: Great and Small
  3. Shades of Drinal: Skies of Red
  4. Shades of Drinal: Puzzle Pieces
  5. Shades of Drinal: Cardin Protection
  6. Shades of Drinal: Incantatory Corruption
  7. Shades of Drinal: Devoted Knowledge
  8. Shades of Drinal: Dashed Upon the Shore
  9. Shades of Drinal: Dreadcutter at World's End
  10. Shades of Drinal: Fate's Crusade

Darkness Ascending Signature Timeline 编辑编辑

  1. Darkness Ascending: Tear of Mystery
  2. Darkness Ascending: Scarstone Security
  3. Darkness Ascending: Small Council of the Tear
  4. Darkness Ascending: Tear in the Drakelands

Tears of Veeshan Signature Timeline 编辑编辑

  1. Tears of Veeshan: The Eternal Broodlands
  2. Tears of Veeshan: Shattered Dreams
  3. Tears of Veeshan: The Core Problem
  4. Tears of Veeshan: Falling Tears



NOTE: As of the October 1st 2013 patch, the epic weapon timelines are not required to start the epic repercussions quests. See Epic Conversion Timeline for details.

Warrior Fabled (Heroic) Version Mythical (Raid) Version
 - Berserker Dragon's Temper Dragon's Temper
 - Guardian Vel'Arek Revitalized Vel'Arek
 - Bruiser Gorynn's Fist Gorynn's Fist
 - Monk The Hand of Serenity The Restored Hand of Serenity
 - Paladin The Truth of Marr The Truth of Marr
 - Shadowknight Sedition Sedition, Sword of the Bloodmoon
Sorcerer Fabled (Heroic) Version Mythical (Raid) Version
 - Warlock Death's Grip Death's Grip
 - Wizard Dragon's Marrow Dragon's Marrow
 - Coercer Eye of the Siren Eye of the Siren
 - Illusionist Mirage Star Mirage Star
 - Conjuror Elemental Dominance Elemental Dominance
 - Necromancer Insanity's Rapture Vazaelle, the Mad
Druid Fabled (Heroic) Version Mythical (Raid) Version
 - Fury Wrath of Nature Wrath of Nature
 - Warden Bite of the Wolf Bite of the Wolf
 - Inquisitor Penitent's Absolution Penitent's Absolution
 - Templar The Impact of the Sacrosanct The Impact of the Sacrosanct
 - Defiler Dream Scorcher Dream Scorcher
 - Mystic Cudgel of Obviation Cudgel of Obviation
 - Channeler Spiritbreaker Spiritbreaker, Eianosheoll's Folly
Bard Fabled (Heroic) Version Mythical (Raid) Version
 - Dirge Lamentation of the Intrepid Lamentation of the Intrepid
 - Troubador Ayonic Axe Ayonic Axe
 - Assassin Fang of Ichor Fang of Ichor
 - Ranger Eagle's Talon Eagle's Talon
 - Brigand Havoc Havoc, Blade of Treachery
 - Swashbuckler Charm's Way Charm's Way
 - Beastlord Spiritual Claws of Khati Sha

Feral Claws of Khati Sha

Inspirited Spiritual Claws of Khati Sha

Inspirited Feral Claws of Khati Sha

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