This is a list of all player-inhabited cities in EverQuest II, and of articles that relate directly to living in those cities.

Good Cities 正义城市 Neutral Cities 中立城市 Evil Cities 邪恶城市

Kelethin New Halas




Neriak Gorowyn

All starting cities are either Good or Evil. There are two Neutral locations that you can choose to live in, but you cannot start in these locations, and certain restrictions apply to them.


  • It is easy to switch citizenship between cities of the same alignment. See: Citizenship Timeline
  • 在同一阵营下面,切换你的城市户口是很容易的,可以看上面的户口任务线。
  • To switch to a city of the opposite alignment, you must first betray your current city. See: Betrayal Timeline
  • 要切换到你对立阵营的城市,则没有那么简单,你必须完成背叛任务
  • Maj'dul can be your second home. See: how to become a resident
  • 麻都,你可以选择这里作为你的第二家园,不过,麻都有3个阵营,你也需要一定关系才能住进去。
  • Haven is the home for those who have betrayed their cities and become Exiles. It lacks most city services, but you can choose to make it your permanent home if you wish. See: Haven
  • 避风港,也就是叛徒的乐园,根本不算城市,一个地洞,出口在TS。你做了叛变任务,就会被扔到这里,直到获得新的城市户口。
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