Mounts are personal mode of travel. When you get a mount, it will automatically appear in the Mounts tab of your character sheet. In order to equip a mount, you must open the Character window (press C to open it) and drag the icon of the mount you want to use into the equip slot. After it's equipped you will summon the mount using the saddle icon in the character sheet (an ability you can also drag to a hotbar for easy access).
Character Window Mounts Tab
坐骑,是你旅行的一种方式。当你获得一个新的坐骑,它会被默认放到坐骑面板里。按C,打开你的角色窗口,然后选择"Mounts" 查看你的坐骑。当你需要装备一个坐骑,把它拖动到下面两个方块位置即可。左边的Equipped,是你想要生效的坐骑,比方你有个很好属性的坐骑,你把它放这里。右边的Appearance,是外观,你有个很漂亮的坐骑,属性一般,你可以把它放这里。
You have the freedom to choose an appearance for your mount my dragging a of the same category into the appearance slot to the right of the equip slot. Many mounts provide stat bonuses for adventure or tradeskills, but (like all appearance-slot gear) you will only get the benefit of the stats when they are equipped in the normal gear slot.

Only the tinkered mounts and certain quest rewards have a set number of charges and must be procured anew once their charges are used up. All others are yours to keep once they are purchased.


Mounts will temporarily disappear any time you ride another form of transportation that flies or runs, such as a griffin, sokokar, horse, or cloud, but will automatically reappear once you land. They also temporarily disappear any time you climb a wall. In some zones, your mount will temporarily disappear from view until you zone out again but still provide the benefit of any stats bonuses. For example, many crafting, dungeon and raid zones have this effect.


Jumping, Gliding and Flying mounts may lose their aerial movement ability and become slowed to their ground movement speed if the player is attacked in the air while mounted, even if the player does not engage the hostile attacker. Ground mounts like horses do not seem to be slowed by being attacked.


  • Ground mounts are any mount that never leaves the ground level when you travel over the terrain. The are some situations in which you can not use them; generally this applies to areas like dungeons and you will automatically dismount on entry, but for the most part, ground mounts can be used in any larger zone within the game. You can use a ground mount beginning at level 1.
    398px-Nightmare Flight Wings (Equipped)
  • 地面坐骑,只能在地上跑的,一般没有等级限制,也有一些有的。速度一般为130% 。
  • Leapers (or leaping mounts) are any type that allows you to jump extremely high in the air to cross great distances and are often used to get past chasms or leap up the ridges of mountains. You can use a leaper mount beginning at level 30.
  • 跳跃坐骑,可以按住空格,跳跃一定高度。比方,跳跳恐龙。一般地面速度75%,跳起来空中速度200%,30级等级限制。
  • Gliders operate in a manner not unlike a hang glider in the real world. When you go off the edge of a cliff or ledge of any kind, they glide through the air and require special attention to steering in order to use them effectively. You can use a glider mount beginning at level 60.
  • 滑翔坐骑,也可以跳起来,但是下落过程比跳跃坐骑慢,用滑翔的方式,比较不容易操控。TT可以做任务获得。60级限制。
  • Flying mounts do exactly what the name implies. They allow you to fly through zones which are designed for flight. While they can be used in some of the zones that were added with early game expansions, their use is typically used in newer zones. You can use a flying mount beginning at level 85.
  • 飞行坐骑,目前最流行的。种类繁多,有会飞的生物,带翅膀的马,翅膀。甚至一些种族可以通过做任务,直接飞行。飞行坐骑,当你飞在天上时候,提供150%速度。


Quested Mounts编辑编辑

Quested Mounts are the reward for completing a quest line in game.

Shard Mounts 用碎片购买的坐骑编辑编辑

Shard Mounts are purchased from a mysterious Quellithulian in the Moors of Ykesha for 50 Void Shards each. They come in three colors and two varieties.

  • Ykeshan Spellbear whistle
    • 65% speed
    • Increases Reuse Speed of caster by 3.0%.
    • Increases Max Power of caster by 250.
  • Ykeshan Warbear whistle
    • 65% speed
    • Decreases Hate Gain of caster by 3.0% if not fighter.
    • Increases Hate Gain of caster by 3.0% if fighter.
    • Increases Max Health of caster by 250.

Collection Mounts 收集任务坐骑编辑编辑

Collection Mounts are the reward for completing a Collection in game.

  • an Abyssal Carpet - Reward for completing collection quests in Kurn's Tower and the Emperor's Athenaeum.
    • 68% speed
    • Increases the base damage of spells, base amount of heals, and base damage of combat arts by 1%.
    • Increases max power and health by 200.

Looted Mounts 掉落坐骑编辑编辑

Looted Mounts are mounts dropped by named monsters in game.

Tinkered Mounts 修补匠制作的坐骑编辑编辑

Tinkered Mounts are created and useable only by players with high Tinkering skills.