Since the game is called Everquest 2, you shouldn't be surprised that the game is focused on quests. In fact, after creating your character and entering the game world, the first thing you are faced with is a quest. EQ2 is rich with quests (see for a fully list of quests).

Finishing quests is one of the principle ways of progressing your characters in EQ2, so we suggest that you pick up every quest that you find, even if you don't work on them immediately.



PS. 目前不管是付费角色,还是免费角色,接受任务数量都是有限制的,所以集中的做一个地图的任务是不错的选择。因为你不能同时接受很多的任务。

What is a Quest? 什么是任务?编辑

A quest is a set of instructions, like a recipe. If you complete the instructions, you'll receive a reward. The instructions may ask you to visit a certain location, talk to a specific person, kill a certain enemy, find an item, or use an object in a certain way.

Many quests require you to complete several steps. Some quests require you to complete their steps in a specific order, while other quests allow you to complete their steps in any order. The game automatically keeps track of your progress as you complete each step, and you can review the quest instructions at any time.




Quest Rewards 任务奖励编辑

To put it simply, quests are the most rewarding ways of spending your time in Everquest 2. The rewards are numerous:

Starting a Quest 接任务编辑

[1]A quest feather.

To work on a quest, you must first receive the quest into your Quest Journal. You receive a quest by talking to an NPC (or, rarely, by inspecting an item in the world).

A glowing feather floats above the head of any NPC who has a quest to offer you. If you open your map window by pressing the M key, you'll also see blinking orange circles showing the locations of all quest starters in your vicinity.

To receive an NPC's quest, talk to the NPC by clicking on them with your mouse button. Notice that your mouse cursor changed to look like a chat bubble when you pointed at the NPC. EQ2 uses branching dialogue with chat bubbles, so click on your conversation choices until the "New Quest" window appears. The "New Quest" window shows you the level of the quest, a summary, and the reward that you'll receive for completing it.

Quest Colors 任务颜色,绿色的是工匠任务,紫色的是遗产或者签名,蓝色是可以重复。编辑

Beginning with GU65 (Chains of Eternity), the glow around the quest feather may be a different color, to help you quickly determine the type of quest.

[2]Tradeskill[3]HQ/Signature[4]Repeatable===Outleveled Quests 编辑===

Unless changed in the options window, the glowing feather is not shown for quests that are very far below your level. You can still pick up these quests and complete them for rewards, but you don't get a visual indicator to help you find them. If you don't want to miss any quests, you can enable quest indicators for outlevelled quests by changing a setting in the Options Window (Options -> User Interface -> Name and Chat Bubble -> [advanced] -> NPC Overhead Quest Icons for Outleveled Quests).

Note: If you're doing quests that you've outlevelled, then you might be interested in the Path of the Past feature described below.




Options -> User Interface -> Name and Chat Bubble -> [advanced] -> NPC Overhead Quest Icons for Outleveled Quests

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